Massage Therapy is a modality that treats patients by manipulating soft tissues and their musculature to addresses pain, improving circulation, promoting a relaxation response and feeling of decreased stress, aiding in the healing of injuries, and can be part of one’s overall wellness and self care routine.

Angela Blunt, LMT

Since 2013 Angela has practiced as a Therapeutic Massage Specialist . She graduated from Alaska Career College with full honors and as the Valedictorian of her class. Since then, she has undergone intensive continuing education in orthopedic massage. Angela has worked within local Alaskan clinical environments, chiropractic offices, and professional athletic centers. In each of these settings, Angela employs a range of refined massage techniques to help patients supplement and/or reduce analgesic pharmaceutical medication. Her passion and her education are centered around assisting the members of her community in identifying, managing, reducing and ultimately eliminating pain.

Angela works primarily to restore equilibrium within the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems through physical manipulation of anatomy. In addition to offering therapeutic massage, Angela also encourages patients to make lasting lifestyle changes to support optimal functioning, pain free living and overall wellness. Due to her steadfast dedication in understanding the complexity of human anatomy; Angela is adept at offering specific massage programs to help her patients continually progress towards their lifestyle goals.

Angela is a mother to three wonderful children and grandmother to her family's newest addition. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at local events (mainly performing massage), exploring the last frontier, reading and exercising. She became a part of the Spirt Path Yoga and Wellness team of providers in the Fall of 2018.