I just wanted to take time to express my wonderful experience in Kerry’s Gentle Yoga class... I love her approach of explaining each pose. She also walks around the class and asks each person “may I adjust you”. There are 2 parts of her actions which make her class so wonderful. First she asks to enter your space, next she actually wants and encourages a person to do a pose correctly. Also, Kerry is just a wonderful and gentle soul, I really appreciates her spirit and beautiful soul. She is a wonderful asset to your yoga studio. I just wanted to take time to express my gratitude and love of her class... Thank you and I always enjoy your studio. - M. M.

Amanda's Gentle Yoga class is wonderful! I'm recovering from surgery, and this class allows me to participate in yoga safely while still challenging myself. I always feel relaxed when I leave! Thank you! – M. B. 

Everything is grounded in teaching and learning traditional yogic/Ayurveda practice. I appreciate the focus on philosophy as well as biomechanics and anatomy. It is not just a workout - but so much more. - E. K. 

I love the comfort of the office, I love the focus on taking care of yourself, even when working on improving. I love how easy and convenient it is to schedule classes and appts. I really like all the teachers and I think Cassandra is amazing. - M. L. 

Amanda’s gentle yoga class is a wonderful experience. She takes time with each student and make sure they are comfortable throughout the class. She also asks if there are any injuries in the class that she should know about. This means a lot because I’m someone with a lot of injuries. She wants her class to get the most out of every session. When you walk in her class you feel her wonderful energy. Also, her voice is so angelic when she sings at the opening and end of every class. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience at your studio. I just had to mention she’s definitely a star performer and this class is wonderful for beginners, advanced, and people with injuries. - M. M.

Spirit Path has always seemed welcoming and friendly no matter who was at the counter. Similarly, all the yoga instructors I've met have been very accessible and able to gently help and guide my practice. The outside world just falls away when I come through that door. - E. P. 

I love the wide variety of classes offered, and I love the spiritual feel of the studio...I definitely feel the mind/body/spirit connection during and after each class. I always say practicing yoga at Spirit Path glues me back together again. :) - L. H. 

I love Amanda's class. I feel she gives me great cues and focuses on doing each pose well while giving time to explore working towards poses I never think I can do but with her instruction I am at least trying. I never feel judgment in her class. I think she sets a tone that I wish was in more yoga classes. I always feel amazing after her class. - L. H. 

Tara was amazing, that was the best yoga class I have ever taken. I felt so much stress and pain lifted from just one class. I would take a class from her anytime. - S. M. 

Xotchil is an amazing teacher. She keeps me coming to class every week. Each week is so different; I am always being challenged and learning new poses. All of the staff is very personable and friendly. Overall a great welcoming environment. - K. B. 

Spirit Path is such a peaceful, restorative space. Everyone is so welcoming, especially to those of us who are new. It feels like a place designed for healing and supporting healthful living. Thank you. - C. B.

I like the individual attention even in a full class. The customer service is great. The teachers are very caring, kind and educated. I enjoy the class sizes, the variety of classes and the lack of "hot yoga"/trendy yoga classes. I really like that the classes are slower, focus on restoring, and wellness rather than fitness. Thank you! - S. S.